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Featured Image: Original x-men with an alarming red motif, cyclops jean grey iceman angel beast 1
X-Men Confirms 1 Founding Member's Power Have a Major Secret Weakness

The original X-Men each possess incredible abilities, but they're not without their flaws, and one founding member has one surprising weakness.

Eddie Brock as Anti-Venom 1
Anti-Venom Fanart Turns Venom's Opposite into Marvel's Scariest Symbiote

There are more than a few symbiotes running around Marvel continuity, with Eddie Brock's Anti-Venom getting a fanart treatment that truly terrifies.

avengers mcu pose but including ben affleck's batman 1
Avengers' Iconic MCU Moment Recreated with the Justice League in Genius Fanart

In genius art, the Justice League take over the Avengers' iconic MCU pose, offering a glimpse into a world where DC got to the movies first.

Iron Man MCU with new Mysterium Armor design sheet 1
Iron Man's New Codename Proves His Armor Is Evolving Like Never Before

Tony's new identity, as the Mysterium Man, will finally debut in Invincible Iron Man #16, as Stark takes the war against Orchis directly to Feilong.

batman dark knight returns-1 1
Batman Cosplay Makes Frank Miller's Impossible Dark Knight a Reality

A new cosplay from Karrver_FX brings the version of Batman from Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns to life in a frightening creation.

Fantastic Four's Reed Richards and Doctor Doom. 1
Move Over, Doctor Doom - Reed Richards Finally Has a Villain Who Equals His Genius

Fantastic Four just introduced a new villain that has the intelligence of billions, making it more of a challenge for Reed Richards than Doctor Doom.

Thanos and the Illuminati from the MCU. 1
"The Big Stick": The Ultimate Anti-Thanos Weapon Is Finally Unleashed by the Illuminati

The Illuminati have come face-to-face with Thanos right after his recent return to Marvel canon, and they're about to unleash their ultimate weapon.

red hood the hill 2 1
Red Hood's New Team & Territory Prove DC Is Finally Letting Him Outgrow the Bat-Family

Red Hood has always struggled to break out from under the Bat-Family, but it seems that DC is finally giving him the solo status quo he deserves.

Venom Painted Style 1
Venom Just Got Called Out for the Grossest Part of His Costume

Symbiotes like Venom are some of the most powerful aliens in the Marvel Universe, and as Howard the Duck points out, one of the grossest.

g.i. joe's duke looking cool but suspicious 1
"Duke Has Gone Rogue": Duke Is Officially an Enemy of G.I. Joe in New Canon

Duke #1 kicks off the new era of G.I. Joe with a bang, with the story finding Duke on the run, in a surprising role reversal to start the series.

sad nightwing with a powerful starfire behind him 1
1 Tragic Connection Makes Starfire's Bond to Nightwing Stronger Than Batgirl's

Nightwing has had a lot of iconic love interests over the years, but one dark connection gives him a special bond with Starfire.

The Green Power Ranger with his dagger in Mighty Morphin's 30th Anniversary Special Comic Art 1
Power Rangers: The Original Choice for Green Ranger Confirms Who Should've Been the Team's Leader

Boom! Studios franchise-defining Power Rangers ongoing revealed Rita Repulsa's first choice for Green Ranger wasn't Tommy Oliver - it was [SPOILER]

Batman and Failsafe DC Comics 1
"You Can Walk Away and Live For Once": Batman's Most Personal Villain Is Offering Bruce a Guilt-Free Retirement

Batman has fought dozens of villains in his past who have tried to beat him, but now he's facing a real threat - the opportunity to stop fighting.

superman villain general zod being angry 1
General Zod's New Empire Exposes the 1 Enemy He Hates More Than Superman

General Zod is one of Superman's most dangerous enemies, but it's not actually the Man of Steel who drives the Kryptonian warrior.

Titans Betray Featured Image DC 1
“The Greatest Threat”: One DC Titan Will Betray The Flagship Team - But Who?

As the post-“Beast World” future of the DC Universe starts to take shape, the Titans have a new problem in the form of an unexpected traitor.

Bucky Barnes Striking A Pose Composite With Thunderbolts Movie Team Concept Art 1
"This is Justice": Winter Soldier Assembles New Thunderbolts Roster, With Shock MCU Recruit

Armed with dangerous knowledge, the Winter Soldier is bringing together a new Thunderbolts team--with a shocking MCU recruit.

batman with a stylized image of the penguin 1
Penguin Finally Returns to Gotham City, Reborn as Its Ultimate Villain

The Penguin is finally returning to Gotham, as Oswald Cobblepot's makeover into DC's scariest villain reaches its height - Batman better look out.

"You Can't Beat Him": Captain America Finally Discovers the Official Limits of His Powers

As Captain America takes on a new kind of villain, he's finally found a threat he can't beat. Now, Steve Rogers must evolve like never before.

black panther ghost rider ghost panther 1
Ghost Panther Unleashed - Marvel's Ghost Rider/Black Panther Fusion Returns in MCU-Worthy Redesign

Marvel's Ghost Panther - a canon fusion of the Black Panther and Ghost Rider - is unleashed in new fanart that's worthy of the MCU.

star wars' darth vader in front of admiral akbar 1
"It's a Trap": Darth Vader Replies to Admiral Ackbar's Iconic Quote with 3 Epic Words

As Darth Vader begins creating the Empire's deadliest soldiers of all time, he wanders into a trap - refuting Admiral Akbar's famous warning.

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