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One Piece, Animal Land, and Attack on Titan in a collage style image. 1
10 Best Manga Time Skips That Changed Everything

Timeskips are a common occurrence in manga, and some of them stand out by completely changing their stories for the better.

Miles Morales Spider-Man Batman 1
Spider-Man: Miles Morales' List of Mentors Puts Batman's Training to Shame

Miles Morales has a surprising connection to Batman's origins that gives this Spider-Man an edge when it comes to receiving mentorship.

Featured Image: Dark Knight Return's Batman vs Superman.  1
10 Most Brutal 1 vs 1 Fights in Justice League History

DC's premiere superheroes, the members of the Justice League, are no strangers to brutal 1-vs-1 fights; here are ten absolutely intense examples.

Wonder Woman stands next to her new daughter, Trinity 1
Sorry Wonder Woman: Diana's New Daughter Reveals Her TRUE Role Models

Though Trinity loves and admires her mother, a new story reveals that Wonder Woman's daughter really wants to be like Jon Kent and Damian Wayne.

Duke 1 featured 1
Duke #1 Kicks Off A Can't-Miss Origin for the New G.I. Joe (Review)

A new era begins for G.I. Joe as the first issue of the Duke miniseries reveals the origins of the Real American Heroes in the Energon Universe.

Featued Image: Frank Quitely portrait of Grant Morrison golding DC & Marvel Comics characters in their hands 1
"DC Never Had Marvel’s Coherence": The Big Difference Between Marvel & DC (According to Superstar Writer Grant Morrison)

Grant Morrison has written some of the greatest DC and Marvel comics of all time. Now, Morrison breaks down the difference between the two universes.

Justice League Drag Show Featured 1
DC's Official Justice League Drag Show Reveals the True Cultural Power of Comics

DC's commentary on drag shows told through the veil of the Justice League demonstrates just how powerful comics can be in this day and age.

Hip Hop Family Tree-1 1
SWITCHBLADE SHORTIES: Hip Hop Family Tree's Ed Piskor Launches New Daily Comic Strip

Hip Hop Family Tree and X-Men: Grand Design creator Ed Piskor has just launched his latest comics project, a daily strip released via Instagram.

DC Trinity Batman Superman Wonder Woman 1
Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman Reveal the True Reasons They'll Never Stop Being Heroes

Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman share the reasons why they will never stop being heroes, offering a rare glimpse into their individual psyches.

Featured Image: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers' Zack (live-action) in front of the Omega Rangers (comic) 1
Expanding Power Rangers History Before the Classic 1990s Team Sets the Franchise Up To Thrive Long Term

The original Mighty Morphin team was long considered the first Power Rangers squad, but the expanding lore of the comic books has revealed otherwise.

Cosmic heroes from Marvel Comics. 1
10 Barely-Used Marvel Aliens Who Could Return as The Next Major Threat

The Skrulls and the Kree and are not the only big bad alien races in the Marvel Universe, and here are 10 more that could be a threat.

Ty Yorrick in Star Wars High Republic 1
Star Wars' Coolest Purple Lightsaber Returns, As Monster Hunter Ty Yorrick Gets a New Mission

Star Wars' monster hunter, Ty Yorrick, will return in a new series this Spring from Dark Horse Comics. The series continues High Republic era stories.

Featured Image: Original x-men with an alarming red motif, cyclops jean grey iceman angel beast 1
X-Men Confirms 1 Founding Member's Power Have a Major Secret Weakness

The original X-Men each possess incredible abilities, but they're not without their flaws, and one founding member has one surprising weakness.

Eddie Brock as Anti-Venom 1
Anti-Venom Fanart Turns Venom's Opposite into Marvel's Scariest Symbiote

There are more than a few symbiotes running around Marvel continuity, with Eddie Brock's Anti-Venom getting a fanart treatment that truly terrifies.

Sumire and Sarada stand in front of their classmates in Boruto 1
Boruto Two Blue Vortex Is Teasing A Conflict Fans Did Not Expect

While no one is more happy to see Boruto return to Konoha than Sarada and Sumire, the two women may both have feelings for the returning hero.

Comic book art: Bruce Wayne looking in the mirror, with a stern Batman looking back at him 1
"I've Been Fooling Myself All These Years": Bruce Wayne Admits the REAL Reason He Became Batman

1988's Batman: The Cult miniseries provided an innovative, and vulnerable, insight into Bruce Wayne's psyche, revealing why he became Batman.

avengers mcu pose but including ben affleck's batman 1
Avengers' Iconic MCU Moment Recreated with the Justice League in Genius Fanart

In genius art, the Justice League take over the Avengers' iconic MCU pose, offering a glimpse into a world where DC got to the movies first.

Superman and Mysterious New Hero DC 1
DC Waited Until December to Debut the Best New Costume of the Year

Right before the year ended, DC Comics gave fans a look at one of its coolest designs for a superhero, but will fans ever see it again?

Iron Man MCU with new Mysterium Armor design sheet 1
Iron Man's New Codename Proves His Armor Is Evolving Like Never Before

Tony's new identity, as the Mysterium Man, will finally debut in Invincible Iron Man #16, as Stark takes the war against Orchis directly to Feilong.

Mr Rogers sits on the left, holding the puppet  1
Superman and Mr. Rogers Have One Heartwarming Habit in Common

Both Superman and Fred Rogers have gone to heroic lengths to respond with kindness and empathy to the people who have reached out to them.

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