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Duke 1 featured 1
Duke #1 Kicks Off A Can't-Miss Origin for the New G.I. Joe (Review)

A new era begins for G.I. Joe as the first issue of the Duke miniseries reveals the origins of the Real American Heroes in the Energon Universe.

Featued Image: Frank Quitely portrait of Grant Morrison golding DC & Marvel Comics characters in their hands 1
"DC Never Had Marvel’s Coherence": The Big Difference Between Marvel & DC (According to Superstar Writer Grant Morrison)

Grant Morrison has written some of the greatest DC and Marvel comics of all time. Now, Morrison breaks down the difference between the two universes.

DC Trinity Batman Superman Wonder Woman 1
Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman Reveal the True Reasons They'll Never Stop Being Heroes

Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman share the reasons why they will never stop being heroes, offering a rare glimpse into their individual psyches.

Featured Image: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers' Zack (live-action) in front of the Omega Rangers (comic) 1
Expanding Power Rangers History Before the Classic 1990s Team Sets the Franchise Up To Thrive Long Term

The original Mighty Morphin team was long considered the first Power Rangers squad, but the expanding lore of the comic books has revealed otherwise.

Sumire and Sarada stand in front of their classmates in Boruto 1
Boruto Two Blue Vortex Is Teasing A Conflict Fans Did Not Expect

While no one is more happy to see Boruto return to Konoha than Sarada and Sumire, the two women may both have feelings for the returning hero.

Comic book art: Bruce Wayne looking in the mirror, with a stern Batman looking back at him 1
"I've Been Fooling Myself All These Years": Bruce Wayne Admits the REAL Reason He Became Batman

1988's Batman: The Cult miniseries provided an innovative, and vulnerable, insight into Bruce Wayne's psyche, revealing why he became Batman.

Superman and Mysterious New Hero DC 1
DC Waited Until December to Debut the Best New Costume of the Year

Right before the year ended, DC Comics gave fans a look at one of its coolest designs for a superhero, but will fans ever see it again?

Mr Rogers sits on the left, holding the puppet  1
Superman and Mr. Rogers Have One Heartwarming Habit in Common

Both Superman and Fred Rogers have gone to heroic lengths to respond with kindness and empathy to the people who have reached out to them.

Image shows anime screenshot of young Naruto swinging on a swing outside of his school while all the other students graduated and are celebrating with their parents, while Luffy from One Piece points and laughs at him. 1
One Piece Is The Secret Reason Behind Naruto's Most Heartbreaking Moments

Naruto's author expressed how One Piece's writing helped shape the series' more emotional moments, showing how each series improved the other.

Dragon Ball Super: Beerus in front of his home looking shocked. 1
Dragon Ball Super's True Final Boss Will Be a Hero Stronger Than Beerus - Theory

There's one character in Dragon Ball Super who would be the best ultimate opponent, and it's perfectly fitting with the story to make it so.

Batman and Santa Claus together with Santa saying Merry Christmas 1
From Wayne Manor to the North Pole: Santa Reveals Batman's Unanswered Christmas Wish

The season of cheer has transformed into the season of tears as Santa reveals Batman's heartbreaking and unmet Christmas wish in DC's holiday special.

Daredevil swinging through San Francisco, with his Radar Sense making up the background. 1
Daredevil Shares His Powers With One Surprising Cosmic Hero

Daredevil is one of Marvel's greatest street-level heroes, which is why it's so surprising he shares his powers with one major cosmic hero.

Green Arrow in Cover DC Comics pointing his archer up 1
DC Reveals the Return of Green Arrow's Most Underused and Mysterious Villain

DC unveils the return of one of Green Arrow's most murderous adversaries, a character who has long held a cryptic vendetta against the Arrow-Family.

Still from Batman the Animated Series with Gotham Rogues playing poker. 1
Gotham's Best Friendship: 2 Misunderstood Batman Rogues Make the Perfect Team Up

Gotham villains are not normally portrayed as being best friends, but these two supervillains have a kinship revealed in one touching scene.

Goku and Raditz in Dragon Ball.  1
Goku’s Other Dragon Ball "Brother" Is Way Stronger than Raditz

Goku has a deep connection with a character he calls his "brother", who is also way stronger than Raditz.

Featured Image: Halloween poster (left) Michael Myers from Halloween Kills (right) 1
This Character Survived 1981's Halloween II (But Not For Long)

One of the weakest deaths of the Halloween franchise was redeemed when Michael Myers returned to deliver a far more definitive kill to [SPOILER].

Comic book art: Wonder Woman points a sword at the viewer. 1
Wonder Woman vs. [SPOILER] Is DC's Most Thrilling Justice League Fight in Years

In what just might be the best comic book fight scene of 2023, Wonder Woman's toughest fight arrives in the form of one Justice League icon.

Robin stands in the forefront of DC's flagship heroes, taking the lead. 1
"When People are Happy, They Spend Less": DC Writer Explains Dark Truth Behind Selling Superheroes

Joshua Williamson, writer for DC Comics and Skybound Entertainment, offered some insight into how the business of comics shapes his creative approach.

Boruto_Code at his best 1
Boruto's Most Disrepected Villain Still Has A Role To Play In Two Blue Vortex

While it's commonly believed that Code is nothing more than a “filler villain”, Boruto: Two Blue Vortex shows he is still a threat to deal with.

star-wars-jedi-palpatine-smartest-part-order-66-Cover 1
"We Slaughtered Plenty of Jedi": Star Wars Confirms the Smartest Part of Palpatine's Order 66 Endgame

Emperor Palpatine's Order 66 slaughtered nearly all the Jedi, but that wasn't even close to the smartest part of his plan, & Star Wars confirms it.

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