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A three-image collage. On the left, Yuzuru Otonashi holds Kanade Tachibana while crying in Angel Beats. In the middle, Takaki Touno and Akari Shinohara stand apart from each other as the sun sets in 5 Centimeters Per Second. On the right, Kaworu Nagisa and Shinji Ikari play piano together in Neon Genesis Evangelion. 1
10 Best Tragic Romances In Anime

Many of the best romances in anime are tragic and heartbreaking, leaving a long-lasting impression on viewers' minds with their bittersweet tones.

Best Comedy Manhwa Featured Image, featuring images of FFF-Class Trashero, Return of the Blossoming Blade, and Beware the Villainess! side by side 1
10 Funniest Comedy Manhwa You Should Be Reading

Manhwa fans have plenty of worthwhile options when it comes to entertaining comedy titles, ranging from rom-coms to refreshing isekai stories.

A collage featuring the most despicable villains from One Piece. 1
10 Most Despicable Villains in One Piece

One Piece has some of the most despicable villains in all shonen manga, with many standing out not for their strength but for their hateful actions.

anime deaths 1
10 Saddest Anime Deaths, Ranked

The deaths of well-loved anime characters remain etched in viewers' minds, whether they are shocking, tear-jerking, or a combination of both.

A three-image collage. On the left, Beelzemon smirks in Digimon. In the middle, the Homunculi surround Father in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. On the right, Fate Graphite glares from behind his skull mask in Berserk of Gluttony. 1
10 Best Anime Versions Of The Seven Deadly Sins

Many anime characters, heroes and villains alike, are based on the concept of the Seven Deadly Sins, which imbeds them with unique dynamics.

Best Thriller Anime Featured Image, featuring side by side images of Perfect Blue, Death Note, and Steins;Gate 1
10 Best Thriller Anime That Will Keep You on the Edge of Your Seat

From classic influential titles like Perfect Blue to modern ones like Summer Time Rendering, these thriller anime are sure to keep viewers guessing.

Paranoia Agent, Evangelion, and Clannad 1
10 Best Gainax Endings in Anime History

A "Gainax ending" refers to any ending that's just completely random and out of left field, and here are the 10 anime with the best endings like that.

Kaori from Your Lie in April With a violin and Mafuyu from Given singing. 1
10 Anime with the Best Soundtracks

Good music can greatly enhance the viewing experience of an anime and these anime have some of the best soundtracks in recent history.

best side characters in anime with Mob Psycho's Body Improvement Club, Kaworu Nagisa, and Olivier Armstrong 1
10 Best Anime Side Characters Who Deserve Their Own Spinoff

Side characters in anime often steal the show from the main cast. Many have acquired a large enough fan base to warrant their own series.

My Hero Academia's Deku & Ochaco infront of UA High 1
My Hero Academia
10 Best My Hero Academia Ships, Ranked

The My Hero Academia anime has been very action-focused lately, but much of the fanbase enjoys the romance aspect just as much.

A collage image featuring official artwork of Wotakoi, as well as the cover artwork for volume 11 of Sweat & Soap and the volume 1 cover art from Firefly Wedding 1
10 Best Romance Manga With Adult Leads

While many popular anime and manga series that fall within the romance genre tell high school love stories, there are plenty of series for adult fans.

Anime characters with fates worse than death featuring Diavolo, Hidan, and Homura 1
10 Anime Characters Who Suffered Fates Worse Than Death

Many anime characters, especially in horror and fantasy shows, experience nightmarish fates that make even death seem a relief.

10 Best Manhwa on Webtoon 1
10 Best Manhwa on Webtoon

Webtoon has a little of something for everyone with well over a million titles to choose from. Here are 10 of the best manhwa on the platform.

The leftmost panel shows a green creature with red eyes, the center panel shows a grey creature with multiple eyes, and the rightmost panel shows a purple checkered creature. 1
10 Scariest Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Stands That Are an Absolute Nightmare in Battle

While the series has memorable Stands that range from adorable to majestic, it also has some truly terrifying ones that act as nightmare fuel.

A collage style image featuring three different manhwa heroines, one with pink hair and blue eyes, one with a short bobbed hair cut, and one with long purple hair. 1
10 Best Ongoing Manhwa of 2023

Korean manhwa offers an excellent alternative to Japanese manga and Western comics. These ongoing series prove the manhwa revolution continues apace.

Broken Isekai Abilities Cover featuring Mushoku Tensei, Devil is a Part-Timer, and That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime 1
10 Most Broken Powers in Isekai Anime

Isekai as a genre often highlights just how over-the-top powerful its protagonists can be. In some series, this is cranked up to eleven.

Best Studio Mappa Anime Attack on Titan, Jujutsu Kaisen, Chainsaw Man 1
15 Best Studio MAPPA Anime

With around 50 anime series, Studio MAPPA's best anime run the absolute gamut from gory action, to unique idol series, and even to standard shonen.

Thorfinn, Sukuna and Levi 1
Luffy Vs. Kaido, Mikasa Vs. Eren, & Thorfinn Vs. Snake: The Anime Fights That Redefined Epic in 2023

2023 had some of the most intense anime fights in years – with animation quality to perfectly match the intensity of each duel.

Best New Manhwa 2023 Featured Image featuring images of Cleric of Decay, Being Raised by Villains, and The Max-Level Player's 100th Regression 1
10 Best New Manhwa of 2023

With plenty of new noteworthy titles, 2023 proved to be a great year for manhwa fans, especially for those who enjoy isekai and returner tropes.

Hinata Shoyo and Karasuno volleyball team from Haikyuu!! poster 1
10 Most Relatable Haikyu!! Characters

The most relatable characters in Haikyu!! deal with complicated emotions that many viewers can relate to in other aspects of their life.

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